Canvas Expedition – Roof Tents

These are fantastic, great value and will enable you to stop anywhere you want! Also very cool! Need a place to rest? Try one of our excellent roof tents!

These are our new range for 2018, we have tested these tents and personally used them around Europe on our overland adventures.

We have 2 types a single ladder and a twin ladder

We have upgraded a number of  features on these tents to make them last and be a really useable accessory. they all come complete with annex changing rooms as standard which enables you to either set up a diner area, changing room or if required another sleeping area fully enclosed.

We have made these tents with upgraded interior poles which means they are much sturdier than most standard tents and when the winds blowing gives you a feeling of increased security and 320 gm polycotton fabric, a high quality waterproof fabric that is a quality material that will last for years on your tent.

Both versions are the covered entrance or Porch, this is the best choice for UK and Europe as it keeps the entrance dry and covered and your bedding will not get wet when it rains, yet you still get the fanatstic views when you wake up

Check out you tube for a detailed look at one of these tents.

Customer Trucks

Stream line for minimum fuel consumption virtually no effect on your Range Rover or other vehicles. We have 2 sizes available for sale in WHITE, BLACK or CUSTOM PAINTED

Customer Trucks